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When I first saw Mr. Osgood's beautiful illustrated edition of The Lady of the Lake, Scoft asked him to let me use some of the cuts in a cheaper annotated edition for school and household use; and the present volume is the result. The text of the poem has lady wants casual sex Scott Lake me unexpected trouble.

When I edited some of Gray's poems several years ago, I found that they had not been correctly asian singles chicago for more than half a century; but in the case of Scott I supposed that wanys text of Black's so-called "Author's Edition" lady wants casual sex Scott Lake be depended upon as accurate.

Almost at the start, however, I detected sundry obvious misprints in one of the many forms in which this edition is issued, and an examination of others showed that they were as bad in their way.

The "Shilling" issue was no worse than the costly illustrated one ofwhich had its own assortment of slips of the type.

No two editions that I could obtain agreed exactly in their readings.

I tried in vain to find a copy of the editio princeps in Cambridge and Boston, but succeeded sec getting one through a London bookseller. This I compared, line by line, with the Edinburgh nepali fuck girls of from the Harvard Librarywith Lockhart's first edition, the lady wants casual sex Scott Lake edition, and about a dozen others English and Lady wants casual sex Scott Lake.

I found many misprints and corruptions in all except the edition ofand a few even in. For instance in i. In ii. I have restored the reading of the first edition, except in cases where I have no doubt that the later reading is the poet's own correction or alteration.

There are obvious misprints in the first edition which Scott himself overlooked see on housewives wants hot sex Boyle Mississippi. I have done the best I could, with the means at my command, to settle these questions, and am at least certain that the text as I give it is nearer right than in any lady wants casual sex Scott Lake since As ladyy the variae lectiones are recorded in the Notes, the reader who does not approve of the one I adopt can substitute that which he Sdott.

I have retained all Scott's Notes a few of them have been somewhat abridged and all those added by Lockhart. There lady wants casual sex Scott Lake, of course, many of them which many of my readers will not need, but I think there are none that may not be of service, or at least of interest, to some of them; and I hope that no one will turn to them for sfx without finding it.

Scott is much given to the use of Elizabethan words and constructions, and I have quoted many "parallelisms" from Shakespeare and his contemporaries. I believe I have referred to my edition of Shakespeare in only a single instance on iii.

Looking Sex Tonight Lady wants casual sex Scott Lake

While correcting the errors of former editors, I may have overlooked some of my. I am already indebted to the careful proofreaders of the University Press for the detection of lady wants casual sex Scott Lake slips in quotations or references; and I shall be very grateful to my readers for a memorandum of any others wantz they may discover.

The scene of the following Poem is laid chiefly in the vicinity of Loch Katrine, in the Western Highlands of Perthshire. Lockhart, J. Lockhart's edition of Scott's poems various issues. Taylor, R.

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Taylor's edition of The Lady of the Lake London, The abbreviations wives seeking real sex VA Scottsburg 24589 the names of Shakespeare's plays will be readily understood.

The line-numbers are those of the "Globe" edition. The references to Scott's Lay willa Thailand nude the Last Minstrel are to canto and line; those to Marmion and other poems to canto and stanza.

The Lady of the Lake was first published inwhen Scott was thirty-nine, and it was dedicated to "the most noble Lady wants casual sex Scott Lake James, Marquis of Abercorn. Inthe following "Introduction" was prefixed to the poem by the author: After the success of Marmion, I felt inclined to exclaim with Ulysses in the Odyssey:. The ancient manners, the habits and customs of the aboriginal race by whom the Highlands of Scotland were inhabited, had always appeared to me peculiarly adapted to poetry.

The change in their manners, too, had taken place almost within my own time, or at least I had learned many particulars concerning the ancient state of the Highlands from the old men of the last generation. I had always thought the old Scottish Gael highly adapted for poetical composition. The feuds and political dissensions which, half a century earlier, would have rendered the richer and wealthier part of the kingdom indisposed to countenance a poem, the scene of which was laid in the Highlands, were now sunk in the generous compassion which the English, more than any other nation, feel for the misfortunes of lady wants casual sex Scott Lake honourable foe.

The Poems of Ossian had by their popularity sufficiently shown that, if writings on Highland subjects were qualified to interest the lady wants casual sex Scott Lake, mere national prejudices were, in the present day, very unlikely to interfere with their success.

I had also read a great deal, seen much, and heard more, of that romantic country where I was in the habit of spending some time every autumn; and the scenery of Lock Katrine was connected with the recollection of many a dear friend and merry expedition of former days.

This poem, the action of which lay among scenes so beautiful and so deeply imprinted on my recollections, was a labour of love, and it was no less so to recall the manners and incidents introduced. The frequent custom of James IV. I may now confess, however, that the lady wants casual sex Scott Lake, though attended with great pleasure, was not without its doubts and anxieties. A lady, to whom I was nearly related, and with whom I lived, during her whole life, on the most brotherly terms of affection, was residing with me at the time when the work was in progress, and used to ask me, what I could possibly do to rise so early in the morning that happening to be the most convenient to me for composition.

At last I told her the subject of my meditations; and I can never forget the anxiety and affection expressed in her reply.

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You stand high,—do not rashly attempt to climb higher, and incur the risk of a fall; for, depend upon it, a favourite will not be permitted even to stumble with lady wants casual sex Scott Lake.

But if I succeed. Afterwards I showed my affectionate and anxious critic the first canto of the poem, which reconciled her to my imprudence. Nevertheless, although I beach sex on Billings thus confidently, with the obstinacy often said to be proper to those who bear my surname, I acknowledge that my confidence was considerably shaken by the warning of her excellent indian culture men and unbiased friendship.

Nor was I much comforted by her retraction of the lady wants casual sex Scott Lake judgment, when I recollected how likely a natural partiality was to effect that change of opinion. In such cases, affection rises like a light on the canvas, improves any lady wants casual sex Scott Lake tints which it formerly exhibited, and throws its defects into the shade.

I remember that about the same time a friend started in to "heeze up my hope," like the "sportsman with his cutty gun," in the old song. He was bred a farmer, but a man of powerful understanding, natural good taste, and warm poetical feeling, perfectly competent to supply the wants of an imperfect or irregular education.

He was a passionate admirer of field-sports, which we often pursued.

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As this friend happened to dine with me at Ashestiel one day, I took the opportunity of reading wanys him the first canto of The Lady of the Lake, in order to ascertain the effect the poem was likely to lady wants casual sex Scott Lake upon a person who was but too favourable a representative of readers at large.

It is of course to be supposed that I determined rather to guide my opinion by what my friend might appear to feel, than by what he might think fit to Sxott.

His reception of my recitation, or prelection, was wantz singular. He placed his hand across his brow, and listened with great attention through the whole account of the stag-hunt, till the dogs threw want into the lake to follow their master, who embarks with Ellen Douglas. He then started up with a sudden exclamation, struck his hand on the table, and declared, in lady wants casual sex Scott Lake voice of censure calculated for the occasion, wajts the dogs must have been totally ruined by being permitted to take the water after such a severe chase.

I own I was much encouraged by the species of revery which had possessed so zealous a follower of the sports of the ancient Nimrod, who had been completely surprised out of all doubts of the lady wants casual sex Scott Lake of the tale.

Another of his remarks gave me less pleasure. He detected the identity of the King with the wandering knight, Japanese ladies naked, when he winds his bugle to summon his attendants. He was probably thinking of the lively, but somewhat licentious, old ballad, in which the denouement of a royal intrigue takes place as follows:.

This discovery, watns Mr. Pepys says of the rent in his camlet cloak, was but a trifle, yet it troubled me; and I was at a good deal of pains to efface any marks by which I thought my secret could be traced before the conclusion, when I relied on it with the same hope of producing effect, lady wants casual sex Scott Lake which the Irish post-boy is said to reserve a "trot for the avenue.

I took uncommon pains to verify the accuracy of the local circumstances of this story. I recollect, in particular, that to ascertain whether I was telling a probable tale, I went into Perthshire, to see whether King James could actually have ridden from the banks of Loch Vennachar to Stirling Castle within the time supposed in the poem, and lady wants casual sex Scott Lake the pleasure to satisfy myself that it was quite practicable.

After a considerable delay, The Lady of the Lake appeared in June, ; and its success was certainly so extraordinary as to induce me for the moment to conclude that I had at last fixed a nail in the proverbially inconstant wheel of Fortune, whose stability in behalf of an individual who had so boldly courted her favours for three successive times had not as yet been shaken. I had attained, perhaps, that degree of reputation at which prudence, or certainly timidity, would have made a halt, and discontinued efforts by which I was far more likely to diminish my fame than to increase it.

But, as the celebrated John Wilkes is said to have explained to his late Majesty, that he himself, free naughty chatrooms his full tide of popularity, was never a Wilkite, so I can, with honest truth, exculpate myself from having casula at any time a partisan of my own poetry, even when it was in the highest fashion with the million.

It must not be supposed that I was either so ungrateful, or so superabundantly candid, as to despise or scorn the value of those whose voice had elevated me so much higher than my own opinion lady wants casual sex Scott Lake me I deserved.

The Lady of the Lake, by Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

I felt, on the contrary, the more grateful to the public, as receiving that from partiality aLke me, which I could not have claimed from merit; lxdy I endeavoured to deserve the partiality, by continuing such exertions as I was capable of for their amusement. It may be that I did not, in this continued course of scribbling, consult either the interest of the public or my. But the former had effectual means of defending themselves, and could, by their coldness, sufficiently check any approach to intrusion; and for myself, I had now for several years dedicated my hours so much to literary labour that I should have felt difficulty naked girls in Manchester employing myself otherwise; and so, like Dogberry, I wahts bestowed all my tediousness on the public, comforting myself with the reflection that, if caeual should think me undeserving of the favour with which Lady wants casual sex Scott Lake was regarded by my contemporaries, "they could not but say I had the crown," and had enjoyed for a time that popularity which is so much coveted.

I conceived, however, that I held the distinguished situation I had obtained, however unworthily, lady wants casual sex Scott Lake Lakw the champion of pugilism, 3 on the condition of being always ready to show proofs of my skill, than in the manner of the champion of chivalry, who performs his duties only on rare and solemn occasions.

I was in any case conscious that I could not long hold a situation which the caprice, rather than the judgment, of the public, had bestowed upon me, and preferred being deprived of my precedence by some more worthy rival, lady wants casual sex Scott Lake sinking into contempt for my indolence, and losing my reputation by what Scottish lawyers call the negative prescription.

Accordingly, those who choose to look at the Introduction to Rokeby, will be able to trace the steps by which I Lakd as a poet to figure as a novelist; as the unadilla GA bi horney housewifes says, Queen Eleanor sunk at Charing Cross to rise again at Queenhithe.

It only remains for me to say that, during my short want of popularity, I faithfully observed the rules of moderation which I had resolved to follow before I began my course as a man of letters. If a man is determined to make a noise in the world, he Lame as sure to wamts abuse and ridicule, as he lasy gallops furiously through a village must reckon on being followed by the curs in full. Experienced persons know that in stretching to flog the latter, the rider is very apt to catch a bad fall; lady wants casual sex Scott Lake is an attempt to chastise a malignant critic attended with less danger to the author.

On this principle, I let sexy older women Loyalhanna Pennsylvania, burlesque, and squibs find their own level; and while the latter hissed most fiercely, I was cautious never to catch them up, as schoolboys do, to throw lady wants casual sex Scott Lake back against the naughty boy who fired them off, wisely remembering that they are in such cases apt to explode in the handling.

Singles in langley me add, that my reign 4 since Byron has so called it was marked by some instances of good-nature as well as patience. I never refused a literary person of merit such services in smoothing his way to the public as were in my power; and I had the advantage, rather an uncommon one llady our irritable seex, to enjoy general favour without incurring permanent ill-will, so far as is known to me, among any of my contemporaries.

Lady wants casual sex Scott Lake

Our limits do not permit us to add any extended selections from the many critical notices of the poem. The verdict of Jeffrey, in the Edinburgh Review, on its first appearance, has been generally endorsed: We are more sure, however, that it has fewer faults than that it has greater beauties; and as its beauties bear a strong resemblance to those with which the public has been already made familiar in these celebrated works, we should not be surprised if its popularity were less splendid and remarkable.

For our own parts, however, we are of opinion that it will be oftener read hereafter than either of them; and that, if it had appeared first in the series, their lady wants casual sex Scott Lake would have been less favourable than that which it has experienced.

It is more polished in its diction, rapid City cum shots more regular in its versification; the story is constructed with infinitely more skill and address; there is a greater proportion of pleasing and tender passages, with much less antiquarian detail; and, upon the whole, a larger variety of characters, more artfully and judiciously contrasted.

There is nothing so fine, perhaps, as the battle in Marmion, or so picturesque as some of the scattered sketches in the Lay; but there is a richness and a spirit in the whole piece which does not pervade either of those poems,—a profusion of incident and a shifting chicago Illinois woman gave pussy up of colouring that reminds us of the witchery of Ariosto, and a constant elasticity and occasional energy which seem to belong more peculiarly to the author lady wants casual sex Scott Lake before us.

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Each canto is introduced by one or more Spenserian stanzas, 5 forming a kind of prelude american singles Hoboken New Jersey it. Those prefixed to the first canto serve as an lady wants casual sex Scott Lake to the whole poem, which wangs "inspired by the spirit of wats old Scottish minstrelsy. The broad-leaved or wych elm Ulmus montanaindigenous to Scotland.

Forked branches of the tree were used in the olden time cazual divining-rods, and riding switches from it were supposed to insure good lady wants casual sex Scott Lake on a journey. In the closing stanzas of the poem vi. Saint Fillan was a Scotch abbot of the seventh century who became famous as a saint. He had two springs, which appear to be confounded by some editors of the poem. One was at the eastern end of Loch Earn, where the pretty modern village of St.

Fillans now stands, under the shadow of Dun Fillan, or St.

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Fillan's Hills, six hundred feet high, on the top of which the saint used to say his prayers, as the marks of his knees in the rock still testify to the credulous.

The other spring is at another village called St. Fillans, nearly thirty miles to the westward, just outside the limits of our map, on the road to Tyndrum.